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Date Message Sent Subject Sent By
11/18/2003  RIDE - immediate next steps for electronic student information system  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This message is sent to all district superintendents, directors of all state operated schools and data managers. For your October 1st membership submission to RIDE, you provided student records with demographic information. This will become the base for our student information system for State Assessment at grades 4, 8 and 11 for this year. You will be given the opportunity to update and correct your submitted records between November 24th and December 10th, 2003. From the updated records, Harcourt will produce labels for each student for the ELA and Math test booklets. This will almost eliminate the amount of class time needed to grid test booklets. Training will be provided on November 24th and 25th from 1-2:30pm at RIDE for those district data managers who need assistance. To sign up, simply login to eRIDE with the attached user login and password and click on 'SIS Data Trainings'. Two additional training sessions will be provided on user management and October data reporting. Because more and more state and federally mandated data are collected through the eRIDE portal, it is essential that we have the accurate user information for your district staff who are responsible for various reportings and data submissions. Data managers may simply click on 'User Acccounts' to manage your district's user accounts and their access rights. If you need assistance, please sign up for the the training on 'Managing Users on eRIDE" on November 20th from 10-11:45am. Districts which did not send staff for the September data trainings and are still having difficulty completing the October reports should send their data managers/staff to attend this "Reporting October Data" training on November 21st from 10-11:45am. Thank you for your cooperation!