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7/12/2013  SASID System is Available  Lee Rabbitt 
RIDE has reopened the SASID system. Thank you for your patience while we upgraded the system. In preparation for the Staff ID System that we will be implementing soon, the record layout for SASID requests has changed. The new record layout is: Record Layout (all fields are required) Field Description Field Name Field Type Length Locally Assigned Student ID (or State Assigned Person ID for Staff) LASID TEXT 20 District Code (State assigned 2-digit code) DISTCODE TEXT 2 Last Name LASTNAME TEXT 50 First Name FIRSTNAME TEXT 50 Gender SEX TEXT 1 Date of Birth (e.g., 01/04/94 or 01/04/1994) DOB DATE Dwelling Address Zip Code ZIPCODE TEXT 5 Please note that we have simplified the fields required and added one new field Ė Dwelling Address Zip Code. This must be a valid RI zip code. The updated SASID Guide is available in both the SASID and the SASID Admin applications. Please read the updated guide before using the updated system. Please do not request staff IDís at this time. We will provide more information regarding staff IDís in the future. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the eRide Helpdesk (