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6/26/2013  Detailed Information Regarding End of Year Deadlines  Lee Rabbitt 
Yesterday afternoon you received an email with the general information that went out in the field memo. Below is more detailed information regarding the end of year deadlines. End of year data is due by 4pm on Friday, July 19th. The collections will be closed at this point. Our suggested upload schedule is as follows, PREFERABLY with one file for the entire district as a complete year to date uploads so we get the cleanest data for all files: 1-Enrollment 2-Attendance 3-Discipline 4-TCS: Course 5-TCS: Section 6-TCS: Staff 7-TCS: Student Once you have finished uploading the enrollment and attendance data, make sure to check student membership numbers (ADM) and attendance (ADA) as these are critical for EOY reporting and drive State Aid. RIDE calculates the ADM and ADA (state calculated) based on your school calendar and daily absence records, these numbers should be very close to what you submitted (district calculated). You can view these by choosing the appropriate report from the Report Types dropdown menu. When viewing these on the student listing page in the Enrollment Census, the ADM/ADA numbers will be bold and colored if there are differences. Hover over the specific number to see information about the discrepancy. Make sure you check your duplicates and demographic differences in the Enrollment Census. All duplicates must be resolved before the deadline. Before the deadline (7/19/13), please make sure that: 1-You have resolved all of the remaining duplicates and demographic errors 2-You have used the baseline numbers and previous years' reports for consistency checks 3-You have reviewed the reports with business managers, program and district administrators The following EOY reports must be signed/faxed (or scanned and emailed) by the superintendent at the district level by Monday, July 29th: 1-Submission Report 2-Absence Unexcused 3-Absence Excused 4-Absenteeism 5-ADA - State Calculated 6-ADM - State Calculated 7-Early Dismissal 8-Suspensions Report - Total 9-Suspensions Report - Unique 10-Tardy 11-Truancy Report Please review the state calculated reports and compare them to the district calculated reports before signing off on the membership reports. Please let us know if you have any questions: or 222-8400.