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6/7/2013  Roster Verification for Teachers Extended to Tuesday, June 11  Lee Rabbitt 
All educators who are contributing educators in ELA or math should have verified their rosters during this past week. For educators who did not yet verify their rosters, the deadline has been extended through Tuesday, June 11th. The principal period (stage 3) of roster verification will now begin on Wednesday, June 12 and continue through Tuesday, June 25. To review and sign off on rosters, users must log in at RIDEmap ( and click on the EPSS link. Please make sure that the teachers in your district are aware that they must verify their rosters if they are an ELA or math contributing educator to students in grades 3-7. Questions regarding roster verification can be submitted by entering a helpdesk ticket at Below are date reminders as well as links to user guides and a teacher video. Stage 2 * Teacher Roster Verification and Sign-Off * Wednesday, May 29 Tuesday, June 11 Stage 3 * Principal School-wide Roster Review and Sign-Off * Wednesday, June 12 Tuesday, June 25 Roster Verification User Guide for Principals Roster Verification User Guide for Teachers Roster Verification Teacher Video