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11/14/2003  RIDE LEP Census for 2003-04 School Year  Melissa Cabral 
Because of the new roprting requirements of NCLB and the demands for the most timely and accurate LEP information we are moving into a new Web-based system to collect the LEP Census data. To help you start using the new census application on the Web we are offering training session for the LEP Directors/Coordinators and data input staff. All must attend one session. It is the responsibility of the Directors/Coordinators to ensure that the information that the teachers collect is appropriate and accurate prior to submission to the State. Earlier we emailed you your eRIDE user login and password information. Please log onto eRIDE with the attached user name and password to register for one of the sessions. Nov. 20th 1-2:45; Nov. 21st 1-2:45; Nov. 24th 10-11:45; Nov 25th 10-11:45 or Nov. 26th 10-11:45. If you have any question or problems please contact Melissa Cabral at 222-4600 x. 2101 or email me at