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5/9/2013  [RIDE] - WebEx recording, deadline reminders, and RV information  Deanna Raphael-State 
Good morning, Here is the recording from this Tuesday’s WebEx: Reminders: -Wednesday, May 22nd until Friday, May 24th - Principal review of teachers and sections -Wednesday, May 29th until Wednesday, June 5th - Teacher roster verification and sign-off -Thursday, June 6th until Thursday, June 25th - Principal school-wide roster sign-off -EIS and student contact data due on June 3rd -the remainder of the program core data is due on June 10th -reports will be due on June 25th for all programs; we will send this list out later on In response to questions that came up: -Why only grades 3-7 if RIDE is collecting K-12? This is only required for grades 3-7 because these are the only teachers that get a growth score. -Is the principal piece in eRIDE or EPSS? EPSS - Is the data manager piece in eRIDE or EPSS? EPSS, however, only EPSS district configuration administrators will have access. -Where can we find the guides for teachers and principals? The files will be uploaded to the following links once complete: Teacher User Guide URL: Teacher Flyer: Teacher Training Video: Principal User Guide URL: Principal PPT: Principal Recorded Webinar: Please let us know if you have any questions: -Deanna