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11/14/2003  RIDE - important information on October Data Reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This message is sent to all district superintendents, charter and state operated schools directors, and data managers. Please login to eRIDE with the user login and password attached, click on October Data Reporting. This report summarizes the current status of all reports that RIDE collects in October: 1. October 1st membership 2. Dropout report 3. The non-certified staff report 4. The June graduating class report 5. The at-home instructed students report Your attention to the timeliness and quality of each report is needed because it affects the State Aid, the accountability and classification system, and the state's capacity to report accurate information by various federal and state mandates. For each report, please check and verify the following: 1. Has each report been submitted; all reports were due October 20th. Submitted reports are shown by 'Date Last Updated' and the aggregate totals. 2. Has each report been signed off; each report should be signed off on paper AND electronically. Reports that have been signed off are indicated by 'Date SignedOff'. 3. Is the reported information consistent with what was reported in the prior year; this is the critical step to ensure quality of reported data. Thank again for your cooperation!