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3/21/2013  schedule for Special Ed Census Data Collection 2013  Charlene Gilman (State) 
Please keep in mind the following upcoming timelines and please do not wait until the last minute to complete your census. Monday, May 13: Special Education Census should be complete; all maintenance reports should be run & ensure the corrections are completed BEFORE the end of today. Tuesday, May 14: Data Managers: Special Ed Census reporting module is open, please submit your census & check for errors. All errors should be resolved prior to noontime on May 24. Friday, May 24: By noontime today, please have your census data ‘error free’ and ‘certified’ so the duplication process can start on Tuesday, May 28th. Tuesday, May 28: The duplication process starts. Please resolve all duplicates listed on your census before noontime Friday, May 31st. Friday, May 31st: By noontime today, all duplication errors must be resolved. Monday, June 3: The eRIDE Special Education census will be unavailable. Thank you. Charlene