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3/11/2013  [RIDE] - Tomorrow's WebEx and Reminders  Deanna Raphael-State 
Good afternoon, Here's the information for tomorrow's WebEx: URL: Time: 9:30 am Meeting number: 683 839 922 Meeting password: Info2011 Audio conference: 605-475-5900 Passcode: 792-7492 Reminders: -Enrollment, attendance, and discipline files must be submitted daily. Aim to keep duplicates and demographics to a minimum. -The 2012-2013 Annual School Health Report completed with electronic sign-off was due on March 1. If your district has not completed this, please complete ASAP. -The textbook collection is due on March 15th. It's funding formula time again: -Enrollment file upload is due by 4pm, Thursday, March 14, for funding-formula calculations. In this upload, the following five fields must be updated and accurate: enroll_type, enroll_date, exit_date, lunch, and distCode_res. The upload process will be closed at 4pm, at which point data managers MUST resolve duplicates and demographic differences. Data managers will have until 9am on Monday, March 18, to resolve the remaining duplicates and demographic differences. You will need to send an email to the helpdesk,, stating what needs to be updated in your student's record. THERE WILL NOT BE ANY EXTENSIONS FOR THIS COLLECTION. -Signed reports are due by 4pm on Monday, March 18. The "ADM - State Calculated", "Snapshot, as of date 3/14/13", and "Submission" reports must be reviewed, signed, and faxed or scanned/e-mailed (preferred) to RIDE once the duplicates are at zero. Please let us know if you have any questions ( or 222-8400), -Deanna