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11/12/2003  RIDE - final call for 02-03 Dropout data  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
We have just emailed the following to the district superindents and data managers regarding the 02-03 dropout report for the schools in your district: ============================================= This is the last call for your district/schools' dropout data for 02-03. In October of each year RIDE collects the following data from your school district: October Membership, the Dropout Report, Report of Non-certified Staff, June Graduating Class and At-home Instructed Students. All reports were due October 20th this year. If your district's schools are on the list (as of 11/7) with schools missing the 02-03 dropout data, we need your help to ensure the data are submitted ASAP or no later than November 14th. All schools with grades 7 and up need to report the dropout data. Schools with zero dropout may simply sign off a blank dropout form. All electronically submitted reports need to be signed off online. A copy of each signed report needs to be faxed to RIDE (see instructions online). A copy of October data reporting packet and a blank dropout form for reporting zero dropout can also be downloaded from (go to the bottom of that page). To view the list of districts/schools with missing data, simply click this link or copy it to your Web browser's address field: If you have trouble viewing this list, please email respond this message, we will email you the list separately. Thanks for your cooperation!