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2/27/2013  IMS Curriculum-Course Linking  Lee Rabbitt 
As was announced at the District Network meeting, Curriculum Directors and Data Managers are invited to attend an Instructional Management System (IMS) work session, Curriculum-Course Linking, on Monday, March 4, from 9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., here at RIDE, 255 Westminster Street, Providence, in Room 301C. Curriculum-Course Linking is necessary to enable educators to view assessment reports that will be available next month. It is not necessary to have completed curriculum documents prior to attending the session. Participants will not need a laptop but they should bring with them the information they’ll need to link courses to the corresponding curriculum in the IMS. For elementary schools, this may be a list of courses and information on the curriculum for each. For secondary schools, this might include a course catalog or its equivalent. Registration is available through eRIDE. For more information, please contact Laura Kacewicz, at or 222-8993.