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11/26/2012  [RIDE] - Deadline reminders and tomorrow's WebEx info  Deanna Raphael-State 
Deadline reminders: The At-home instructed, June graduating class, and Non-certified staff reports are due today. These reports have electronic sign-offs. If you are not the staff member responsible to complete these reports in your district, please pass this message along to the accountable person. The enrollment collection is open again. If we have not received your Submission and Snapshot reports, 10/1 date, please print these today and get them to us later today or tomorrow. The summer withdrawal file must be uploaded by 3pm on Friday, November 30th. The file layout is located here: Choose K12 STUDENT - SUMMER WITHDRAWAL from the list. Then click Display File Layout. Prior year (2011-12) dropouts, prior year (2011-12) graduates, prior year (2011-12) retentions and current year (2012-13) summer withdrawal reports are due on Monday, December 3rd at 3pm. To get the prior year reports, select 2011-12 from the dropdown list. Then select the appropriate report from the report dropdown list. Here is the information for tomorrow’s WebEx where we will discuss any questions you have about the above deadlines: URL: Time: 9:30 am Meeting number: 683 839 922 Meeting password: Info2011 Audio conference: 605-475-5900 Passcode: 792-7492 Please let us know if you have any questions. -Deanna