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11/4/2003  RIDE - districts with missing data reports  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
In October of each year RIDE collects the following data from your school district: October Membership, the Dropout Report, Report on Non-certified Staff, June Graduating Class and At-home Instructed Students. Reports were due October 20th this year. Last week, we updated you the status on the October Membership and Dropout reports. This email updates you the status on the remaining reports. If your district is on the list with missing reports, we need your help to ensure the reports are done ASAP or no later than November 11th. The packet for the Fall 2003 data collections were mailed to you in late September. The packet can also be downloaded from ttp:// (go to the bottom of this page) if you can no longer have it. To view the list of districts with missing data, simply click this link or copy it to your Web browser's address field: If you have difficulty viewing this list, please email respond this message, we will email you the list separately. Thanks for your cooperation!