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10/26/2012  special education census data collection  Charlene Gilman (State) 
Schedule for the December Special Education Census Data Collection Here is the schedule for the Special Education Census Data Collection. Monday, December 3: Census should be completed; all maintenance reports run and all corrections completed by the end of today. Tuesday, December 4: The Special Ed Reporting module is open for Data Managers to submit your census. Please do not continue to add or update your census – unless it is to correct an error. Correct all errors and re-submit your census to the Special Ed Reporting module until all of your errors are eliminated. Then your census should be ‘Certified’ by your Data Manager. Thursday, December 13: All errors must be resolved and your district must have a certified, error-free submission today by 3 pm so that the duplication process can start tomorrow. Friday, December 14: The Duplication error resolution process begins. All duplicates must be Resolved before Monday at 12:45 pm. Monday, December 17: 12:45 pm. Special Education Census taken offline and closed. Thank you. Charlene