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10/18/2012  [RIDE] - CRDC  Deanna Raphael-State 
The CRDC is now open for district submissions and will close December 7th, 2012. Your districtís participation in CRDC is very important. Every school district and all of the nationís public schools are participating in the 2011-12 CRDC. This includes all state-operated facilities for the deaf and blind, charter schools, and educational programs at juvenile justice agencies. The U.S. Department of Education has been sending CRDC communications to your districts to contacts you designated this spring. The CRDC is conducted by the Office for Civil Rights of the Department of Education. The CRDC collects data on key education and civil rights issues in our nation's public schools, including student enrollment and educational programs and services, disaggregated by race/ethnicity, sex, limited English proficiency and disability. First collected in 1968, it is a valuable source of information about access to educational opportunities in public schools that is used by OCR and federal educational offices, as well as parents, policymakers, researchers and many others in the education community. Providing information to the CRDC is mandatory under federal law. If you need assistance contact the Partner Support Center. Telephone: 1-855-320-6459 Fax: 888-329-3336 (888-FAX-EDEN) Click the link for the Contact Support Page: