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9/12/2012  Changes to the reporting of Personal Literacy Plan (PLP) data to RIDE  Deanna Raphael-State 
Please see the following message from Diane Girard in our Office of Instruction, Assessment & Curriculum: Good morning, This email contains important information on the changes to the reporting of Personal Literacy Plan (PLP) data to RIDE. The announcement below was included in the Field Memo dated 09-07-12. Personal Literacy Plan (PLP) data will no longer be collected annually by RIDE. This results from our continued efforts to streamline data collection and coincides with the launch of the Instructional Management System (IMS). The IMS includes an RTI program (EXCEED) which contains all required information for PLP development, implementation, and record keeping. Additionally, the IMS will maintain student information for every LEA should there ever be a need in the future to report LEA PLP information to RIDE. RI General Law 16-7.1-2 (c) and the Board of Regents regulation K-12 Literacy, Restructuring of the Learning environment at the middle and high school levels, and proficiency based graduation requirements (PBGR) at High Schools require LEAs to continue developing and implementing PLPs for all students reading below grade level. With RIDE’s strong focus on closing achievement gaps, LEAs must continue their intense commitment to providing supports to students in literacy and all academic areas. If you have any questions regarding PLPs, please contact Diane Girard at Diane Girard