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8/21/2012  [RIDE] - 2nd grade enrollment data needed; TCS clarification  Deanna Raphael-State 
Good afternoon, New deadline: We were just informed by our Assessment Office that they need all second graders to be submitted by Friday, August 31st. This data will be used for alternate assessments. During our WebEx this morning we were asked to clarify which grades and courses are required for TCS this year. Kindergarten to 12th grade is required. If you have Pre-K students this data is optional. All subjects must be submitted starting the first day of school. The course and section files must be submitted as the data changes. The staff and student files must be submitted daily. When the course and section files are uploaded, you must submit these as complete year to date. When you upload the course file, your section, staff, and student data will be deleted. If you keep your course and upload a new section file, you will need to submit your staff and student data. -Deanna