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8/3/2012  [RIDE] - EPSS District Configuration Administrator  Deanna Raphael-State 
Good afternoon, Please see this message from our Office of Educator Quality and Certification: To prepare for the launch of the Educator Performance and Support System (EPSS), each LEA needs to designate one or two individuals for the role of EPSS District Configuration Administrator. These administrators will serve as the points of contact for key system information and updates, and they will also maintain the administrative rights to create and modify evaluation caseloads for all evaluators within their LEA. These administrators will have access to evaluation information, so itís important to consider the role carefully. LEAs can send the name(s) of their EPSS District Configuration Administrator to Shoba Annavarjula, at The deadline submitting names to RIDE is TODAY, August 3. We have already received responses from some LEAs. If your LEA has not yet selected a District Configuration Administrator for the EPSS system, please notify your leadership team that this information needs to be submitted to RIDE as soon we possible. To access additional information about the EPSS, please visit the RIDE website, at: More information on the role of the EPSS District Configuration Administrator can be viewed at: