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8/2/2012  [RIDE] - SY12-13 enrollment and term collections are open  Deanna Raphael-State 
Good afternoon, The enrollment and term collections for SY 12-13 are now open. Changes for the 12-13 school year are located here: Before you can upload any data for this school year you must complete your school profile. We have released a new Automated Data Transfer (ADT) agent. If you are a district that uses this agent please close your instance of this program. Once closed, please open it again via the Start Menu. Doing this will download the newest version to your machine. We have modified the calendar within the Enrollment Census to allow for school level calendars. Please let us know if you have any questions, or 222-8400. -Deanna Deanna Raphael Data Collection and Quality Assurance Specialist Office of Data and Analysis Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education 255 Westminster Street Providence, Rhode Island 02903 401.222.8459 401.222.8400 (helpdesk) 401.222.4044 (fax)