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5/3/2012  RIDE] - Important Message From DOH   Deanna Raphael-State 
Please see the following message from the Division of Infectious Disease and Epidemiology (IDE) at the Department of Health (DOH): Hello everyone, I want to thank all the schools who have successfully reported absences to the RI Department of Education since the fall. Between November and March we have had a high percentage of schools reporting and that has been helpful in identifying illness clusters and responding appropriately. The information provided is incredibly useful and we value it. Three weeks ago, however, there was a dramatic reduction in the amount of schools reporting absences. That trend has continued and we are now seeing only about 20% of schools reporting to the Department of Education. I want to urge all reporters to continue sending daily absenteeism data to the Department of Education through the remainder of the school year. Please contribute and help us continue to monitor the health of our population. Thank you! Teddy Marak, MPH, BS Department of Health