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4/13/2012  Special Education census data collection schedule  Charlene Gilman (State) 
The eRIDE Special Ed Evaluation system will be collected on July 30th. ************************************************************ Special Education Census Collection Schedule ************************************************************ May 14th – Your Special Education Census should be completed; run all maintenance reports and make sure the corrections are completed BEFORE the end of today. Your census should be ‘error free’ before tomorrow when your data manager will submit your census. (By the end of today when your census is completed and ‘error free’, then from that point on - do not Add or Update your census unless it is to resolve an error or duplicate from the Special Ed Reporting Module). May 15th – Data Managers: The Special Ed Census Reporting module is open, please submit your census and check for errors. All errors should be resolved prior to noontime on May 31st. Submitting your census before 10 am or after 2 pm may help prevent an eRIDE system overload and/or the system may respond more efficiently. May 31st – By 12 noon today-- have your census data ‘error free’ and ‘certified’ so the duplication process can start tomorrow. June 1 – The duplication process starts. Please work with your Data Manager to resolve all duplicates listed on your census before noontime Monday June 4th. If your district has at least one duplicate, your census will have to be ‘certified’ (again), after you have revolved the duplicate(s). June 4 - By 12 noon today, all duplication errors must be resolved. June 5 – The eRIDE Special Education census will be unavailable. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************** The eRIDE Special Education census reporting schedule is starting a week earlier than it has in the past to allow everyone enough time to submit their census and to prevent a system overload. Everyone must resolve all errors, duplicates and ‘certify’ their census by the scheduled timeline. Please do not procrastinate. Your Data Manager may find it advantageous to submit your census first thing in the morning or later in the afternoon when the resources of the eRIDE system may not be stretched to the maximum. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************** Here are some simple steps to follow: 1. Ensure all new students to your district/charter who are receiving special education services are added to your census. Record all students who have exited from your census (moved, died, dropped out, etc) and this will ensure less student duplicates between districts/charters. 2. At this time of the year, many IEPs are being revised. -Please keep in mind: If a student’s service has changed during the school year - do not simply type over the current service record to record the change. Instead terminate the current service line with a termination date and termination reason, then add the service with the new information. You may lose critical information if the student’s current service line is simply typed over with the newest information. Example of a student whose service time changed during the current school year: On March 30th, Penny Petunia’s speech service line looks like the census: Service start date school hours days weeks termination date termination reason C (Speech) 09/01/2011 01110 1.0 5 4 The IEP team met on March 30th, and wrote a new IEP. All of Penny’s services on this IEP are the same as they were on her prior IEP, except for speech. Step 1) Terminate Penny’s speech as it appears today on the census with a termination date and termination reason. Service start date school hours days weeks termination date termination reason C (Speech) 09/01/2011 01110 1.0 5 4 03/30/2012 E (Reassessed) Terminate her speech service line, like it appears above here. Step 2) ADD a new speech record to record the speech as it appears on Penny’s new IEP. Service start date school hours days weeks termination date termination reason C (Speech) 03/31/2012 01110 0.5 5 4 Those students who will be receiving services this coming summer: - Please do not add summer services to the census now. Instead, create a list of the students who will be receiving services this coming summer and put it aside until the census is set up for new school year 2012-2013. The 2012-2013 school year Special Education census will not be up and running until after June 5th. I will send out a reminder after June 5th with instructions on adding over the summer services. 3. Run ALL of the maintenance reports and make corrections to ensure your census is error free. 4. Please run: Primary Disability Head count (After your district has resolved all duplicates-sometime between June 1 and June 4). This report can be found under “Student report’ and Count Reports. Change the 'as-of-date' to 06/30/2012. Please fax a copy to Charlene at 222-6030. Do not summer exit students at this time of the year unless the student never received services in your district during this school year. Because once a student is summer exited, the system deletes all of the student's service lines. All students who are going to graduate this June should remain on your census with their services 'active' for this data collection. Do not Summer Exit these students or terminate them now. I will send out instructions after June 5th on when to summer exit these students. The instructions will be sent after the data collection process is completed and the census is set up for the new school year. All student who receive services right up to the last day of school should be ‘active’ on your census. Do not record a service termination date or termination reason on these students. Thank you! Charlene