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1/9/2012  [RIDE] - PLP Deadline  Deanna Raphael-State 
Please see the following excerpt from Friday’s Commissioner’s memo regarding the February 1st PLP deadline: Personal Literacy Plan data must be submitted by February 1 – Action Item Please see this notice from our Office of Instruction, Assessment, and Curriculum: In the fall, LEAs submitted their initial lists of students with Personal Literacy Plans (PLPs). The second step of the PLP data submission for the current school year must be completed and submitted by February 1. Superintendent sign-off is required with the submission of this data. To ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the reporting, please remind key staff members (data managers, PLP coordinators, et al.) about the upcoming deadline and review the instructions (coding) before starting this step: It is important to note that this collection needs to include all reading supports that have been given to every student from September to February, regardless of movement out of district or completion the program. Using the data files that were submitted last fall, follow the procedures outlined in Personal Literacy Plan (PLP) Data Collection 2011-2012: If you need assistance or require additional information about the PLP reporting requirements, please do not hesitate to contact RIDE key personnel: For program-related questions, please contact Diane Girard, at or 222-8479. For technical questions, please contact the eRIDE HelpDesk at or 222-8400.