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1/5/2012  TCS Data Collection  Elizabeth Landry 
Happy New Year! This is a friendly reminder about the mandatory TCS data submission for all districts with students in grades 3-7. The TCS data submission requires that districts submit the K12 SECTION - COURSE, K12 SECTION - SECTION, K12 SECTION - STAFF and K12 SECTION - STUDENT through the ADT or eRide Enrollment Census application. This collection began on Tuesday, January 3, 2012 and should be updated daily to reflect student and staff changes. There are still quite a few districts who have not begun submitting. Please ensure that your district begins submitting this as soon as possible. In addition, please ensure that you are updating the 'Expected Date of Completion' and 'Actual Date of Completion' dates in the TCS Milestone Tracking module. We are reviewing this information regularly to ensure districts are on track with the TCS submission to provide assistance to districts as needed.