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12/16/2011  TCS Milestone Tracking Reminder  Elizabeth Landry 
This is a friendly reminder to update the information in the 'TCS Milestones Tracking' module on eRide by 6PM today. Districts should be entering the 'Actual Date of Completion' for any milestone that has been completed. It is also very important for us that you enter the 'Expected Date of Completion' for all milestones. This tracking module by each district will help RIDE understand and respond to any specific risks or issues districts are experiencing in their TCS data-collection efforts. This tracking tool is applicable to all LEAs that have any students in grades 3 through 7. If you do not use a formal student information system (ex- Excel), you should still answer the status questions, just adapt the language from SIS vendor to reflect your excel spreadsheet management to ensure it is compatible with the TCS file requirements.