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12/1/2011  TCS Milestone Tracking Reminder  Elizabeth Landry 
All districts should now have access to the 'TCS Milestones Tracking' module on eRide. Please remember to enter your 'Expected Date of Completion' for each milestones by 6PM on Friday and continue to update the information weekly by 6PM each Friday. Weekly updates to RIDE via this tracking module by each district will help RIDE understand and respond to any specific risks or issues districts are experiencing in their TCS data-collection efforts. RIDE staff members are prepared to work with districts that have alerted us via the tracking module to potential issues that could affect their ability to complete TCS collection on time. Each Tuesday, RIDE hosts a weekly webex with all district Data Managers. Between December 2, 2011, and February 1, 2012, RIDE will include a status update on TCS collection in order to inform all districts of issues, questions, or strategies that might be relevant to all districts in their TCS work.