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11/22/2011  Today's WebEx update reminder  Mario P Goncalves 
Good morning, This is a reminder that we have our WebEx session this afternoon at 2:30Pm. In this week WebEx, we will divide in two parts. 1- There will be a follow up to this morning meeting Data Enterprise Systems Overview plus an update on the Teacher Course Student, Carolyn Dias will attend the meeting for overview and to answer questions. 2- We will go over the Summer Withdrawal reporting which is due December 5th. Ken Gu from our Data Office will go over the basics and how the submitted data are used for reporting of your schools' graduates, dropouts and retentions, and the calculations of graduation and dropout rates. Ken will be available in this and future weekly sessions to address high stake data use issues related to State reporting. URL: Time: 2:30 pm Meeting Number: 683 839 922 Meeting Password: Info2011 Phone #: 218-486-1611; passcode 4357. We hope you can join us. --Mario