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11/14/2011  Message from DOH  Mario P Goncalves 
Please note the message from DOH: Hello everyone, I want to thank all the schools who have successfully reported absences to the RI Department of Education in the past few months. Since an email reminder went out to participating schools two weeks ago we have see reporting increase from 20% of schools to nearly 60% of schools. About this same time, the RI Dept. of Health (HEALTH) has started to see the first clusters of gastrointestinal illness and respiratory illness in schools and other facilities. We wanted to send out one more reminder to report absences in a timely fashion because having an accurate picture of 'normal' rates of absences will greatly improve HEALTH's ability to detect clusters of illness and respond appropriately. For the schools who have been reporting, keep up the great work. The data you provide is reviewed daily and can aid in prompt response by HEALTH. For the schools who have yet to report, the data you collect is valuable. We hope you can contribute and help us maintain the health and wellness of our population. Thank you! Teddy Marak, MPH, BS Public Health Epidemiologist Rhode Island Department of Health Division of Infectious Disease and Epidemiology --Mario