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11/7/2011  [RIDE] - WebEx time change and deadline reminders  Deanna Raphael-State 
Good morning, Due to a scheduling conflict, tomorrow's WebEx at 9:30am has been rescheduled for 2:30pm: URL: Time: 2:30 pm Meeting Number: 683 839 922 Meeting Password: Info2011 Phone #: 218-486-1611; passcode 4357 Many of you have faxed in/emailed your signed At-home instructed, June graduating class, and Non-certified staff reports that are due on Monday, November 14th at 3pm; however, you haven't signed off online, please make sure to do so as well. The summer withdrawal file upload is due on Monday, December 5th at 3pm. Reports based on this file are due on Friday, December 9th at 3pm. These reports are: prior year dropouts, prior year graduates, prior year retentions, and current year summer withdrawals. Prior year = 2010-11, and current year = 2011-12 in the school year dropdown. Please let us know if you have any questions, -Deanna