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10/21/2011  TCS Data Collection Meeting Follow-Up  Elizabeth Landry 
We want to thank you all for attending the TCS Data Collection meeting earlier this month. There were a few questions asked at that meeting that we promised to respond to at a later date. Below are the questions and RIDEís response. Can we report 00000 in the SCEDCOURSEID? For this year only, we will allow districts to report 00000 for a course that includes both ELA and Math. A typical use for this is for an elementary homeroom teacher who provides instruction in all subjects to a group of students. In the student file, can the SECTIONEXITDATE be pre-populated with the last day of school? RIDE will accept data submissions in which SECTIONEXITDATE is blank or is a valid date between the start of school and end of school (based on the district calendar). When the SECTIONEXITDATE is blank, it will be converted to your districtís last day of school as defined in the district calendar on the submission date. This will also apply to the SECTIONENDDATE in the staff file. In addition, RIDE is currently in the process of developing guidance on steps LEAs need to be taking in terms of working with your SIS vendors, policy decisions, training, planning for data entry, and roster verification, including clear timelines. This document will be sent next week. RIDE is also scheduling meetings with each vendor and their districts regarding this data collection. Thank you for your input and support with this very critical data collection.