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6/24/2003  eRIDE update: managing your district's eRIDE users  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
As a district superintendent or designated MIS personnel (director of MIS, or technology), you are now able to manage your district's users on eRIDE. You may look up any user, their user login and password, and their user Profile. You may add new users (new users still need to be actived by RIDE for now), update user Profile and assign/change database accessibility based on user roles. Please keep in mind that ONLY you the district superintendent and the designated MIS staff have this level of access, thus it is critical that you do NOT share your accounts to your districts' data clerks or staff. If you wish to designate someone to be completely responsible for this role and have yours to be removed, please let me know immediately (by simply replying this email). Thank you for your cooperation!