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9/28/2011  [RIDE] - Important: Run eDC Data-Match for Student Meal Benefit Eligibility By September 30th  Deanna Raphael-State 
Good afternoon, Please see the following message from Steve Carey regarding the eDC module in eRIDE: Please consider this a time-sensitive reminder that all schools need to access eRIDE to perform the eDC (electronic direct certification of free meal benefits) function. This eDC module was established four years ago to increase the accuracy of meal benefit certification and significantly reduce paperwork for school administrators. It is extremely important to perform this function as households affected by this direct certification process have already been notified that the children in those households are eligible for free meals. However, until the eDC application is utilized and the resulting list of student names distributed to district administration or school offices, schools will not know the children are eligible nor will they have documentation to support that eligibility. Further, October 1 is a critical date in the administration of the school lunch program. The percentage of free and reduced-price eligible students in a particular school as of October 1st is the basis for other funding streams and that data as of October 1 is a necessary component of federally mandated statistics gathering. If you have program related questions please contact Steve at 222-8936. If you have technical questions please contact the HelpDesk at 222-8400.