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9/26/2011  [RIDE] - Tomorrow's WebEx Info and PLP Protocol Revisions  Deanna Raphael-State 
Good afternoon, Here's the info for tomorrow’s WebEx; Diane Girard will be available to answer any PLP questions that you have. We'll be discussing any questions you have about the October deadlines. URL: Time: 9:30 am Meeting Number: 689 803 107 Meeting Password: Info2011 Audio: 218-486-1611, pass code 4357 The following information went out in the Commissioner’s memo on Friday regarding the PLP data collection: RIDE revises protocol for PLP data collection This year RIDE will again be collecting the Personal Literacy Plan (PLP) data through the eRIDE system. This switch from submitting an Excel document to uploading the student-level data into a program file within eRIDE Enrollment Census for PLP Data Collection was accomplished in the 2010-11 school year. In order to capture all the efforts made in your LEA in PLP implementation from September 2011 to the February 1, 2012, reporting, revisions to the protocol must be made for this upcoming school year. To ensure the accuracy and timeliness of reporting, please inform key staff members (data managers, PLP coordinators, et al.) about these revisions so that they access and follow the detailed directions found in the PLP Data Collection 2011-12 document. The document is available on the PLP page on the RIDE Web site, or it may accessed directly using the following link: If you need assistance or require additional information about the PLP reporting requirements, please do not hesitate to contact RIDE key personnel. For program- related questions, please contact Diane Girard, at or 222-8479. For technical questions, please contact the eRIDE HelpDesk, at or 222-8400. -Deanna