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9/16/2011  district profile updates  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Please note the following message will be send to the superintendents on the weekly memo from the commissioner. This accurate updates are very important for public distribution. “As we begin the school year, it is very important that we have accurate and timely data about all of our schools and districts. Administrators and teachers need good data to drive performance and to help students achieve. Parents, policymakers, and taxpayers need good data to drive systems reforms and to hold us all accountable for results. The RIDE Office of Network and Information Systems will publish the 2011-12 Educational Directory during the third week of September this year. Please have your Data Manager review your district profile and use the School Profile application in eRIDE to make all the necessary updates for accuracy. Please make the updates, no later than September 25th. If you need additional information, please contact Mario at 222-8968. Thank you very much for helping us keeping this important reference directory as accurate as possible.” -Mario