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8/31/2011  [RIDE] - eDC Matched File Available  Deanna Raphael-State 
Good afternoon, Please see the following from Becky Bessette, Administrator, Child Nutrition Programs: The electronic Direct Certification (eDC) file has been updated and is now available to LEAs to identify children eligible for free USDA school meals. Your LEA enrollment files uploaded to RIDE have been matched with SNAP (formerly food stamps) and RI Works (formerly TANF) enrollment files at the RI Department of Human Services (RIDHS). Any child in a household participating in these programs is eligible for free USDA school meals. In the past, this RIDE / RIDHS matching process has only been conducted once per year (in August). In an effort to better identify all children eligible for free school meals, RIDE and RIDHS have collaborated to improve this matching process by: Enhancing the matching algorithm, and Increasing the frequency of the matching process. We are currently piloting this enhanced matching process to try and achieve an 85% match rate (85% of school-age children eligible for SNAP will be identified through this matching process and be eligible to receive free school meals) for SY 2011-2012. We anticipate conducting this RIDE/RIDHS matching process on a data match. The matching file sent to RIDHS by RIDE will include any LEA children who were not previously matched, and any children who are new to your LEA. In order for this enhanced process to be effective, we ask that LEAs upload new files to match on a more frequent basis. More information will be provided as we progress with this pilot project. If you have any program questions please contact me at For technical questions please contact the eRIDE HelpDesk at or 222-8400.