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10/29/2003  RIDE - October Membership report for Charter Schools  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to confirm the special reporting procedure for Charter schools on October 1st membership report. I personally went through the procedure with some of you on the phone, but here it is again: 1. you will prepare the excel document the same way as other schools by following the instructions in Step #1; 2. you will upload the file as instructed in Step #2; 3. you will NOT need to submit the records as instructed in Step #3; you simply email reply this message and inform me that the file has been uploaded; I will perform the data submission and inform you when you can print out the reports for the head of school to sign. To upload the October Membership data, simply login to eRIDE with the attached userName and passWord, click on October Membership. This special procedure does not apply to the 02-03 Dropout Report. If you have any questions regarding the above procedure, please feel free to call me at 222-4600 x 2241. Thank you! Ken Gu, PhD Senior Information Administrator.