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5/6/2011  [RIDE] - TCS Snapshot reminder  Deanna Raphael-State 
Good morning again, Just a quick reminder about our TCS Snapshot timeline: On Tuesday, May 10th, we will begin the second collection of teacher-course-student data in order to capture a data snapshot of verified rosters of students for each teacher in grades 3 through 7 who is teaching an English language/literature or a mathematics course. This collection is a crucial step in the development of our Instructional Management System and Educator Performance and Support System because these systems will allow teachers to view their current class rosters with associated student-learning data on a day-to-day basis. It is extremely important that all district data managers submit a clean set of data by the deadline. The file format for the submission will be identical to the January submission. The majority of questions during the last submission were regarding what teachers need to be included in this collection. RIDE program staff hosted a webinar on April 26th and the recording is located here: The presentation used within this webinar is here: The recording from our webinar on May 3rd is here: As requested by district superintendents, we will be contacting teachers for roster verification through the district email address. We have added a section to the TCS Snapshot module named: District Email Addresses for Educators which allows you to upload this data. Please see this link for the same file format: The timeline for the teacher-course-student snapshot is as follows; the items with an asterisk (*) are action items/webinars for data managers, and the other items are for other district staff: - May 10*: Data managers begin submitting the Teacher-Course-Student Snapshot data through eRIDE's Teacher Course Student Snapshot module. Please review the Teacher-Course-Student Snapshot file specification document: - May 10*: Webinar at 9:30am; program staff will be available to answer questions. - May 13*: Deadline for data managers to have submitted an error-free Teacher-Course-Student Snapshot submission to RIDE. - May 16: Principals should inform teachers in grades 3 through 7 who teach English language/literature or mathematics about the verification process and timeline. RIDE will provide districts with an information sheet and directions. - May 23: Teachers will be contacted by RIDE through e-mail, and principals will receive a reminder to share information with their teachers. - June 3: Deadline for teachers to verify rosters. - June 17: Deadline for principals to verify rosters. Please let us know if you have any questions; have a great weekend, -Deanna 222-8400