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10/23/2003  from RIDE - dropout report for 02-03  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This message updates the superintendents and data managers the status of your district's reporting of '02-03 dropout data. If your district or state-operated school has grades 7+ students and is not on the list below, please contact us or email reply this message immediately and explain why your district has not reported the data. The deadline for the dropout reporting was October 15 which was extended to October 20th. We will be contacting you at a later time regarding the status of the other fall reports that were also due (non-certified staff, at-home instructed students, june graduating class). The following districts have uploaded and submitted the dropout records for 02-03. We are working on the submitted data and will contact your data managers for any problems and issues. Thank you for your cooperation! LEA_CODE LEA_NAME 03 Burrillville 04 Central Falls 98 Chariho 07 Cranston 08 Cumberland 16 Johnston 20 Narragansett 21 Newport 23 North Kingstown 26 Pawtucket 27 Portsmouth 28 Providence 30 Scituate 31 Smithfield 35 Warwick 38 West Warwick 36 Westerly The following districts have requested for and been given additional time to complete the reports: East Providence Smithfield Bristol Warren Middletown South Kingstown