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3/2/2011  [RIDE] - Survey, webinar QA and recording  Deanna Raphael-State 
Good morning, As we discussed during yesterday’s webinar, we have a survey that we would like data managers to fill out to help us serve you better: We will keep it open until noon on Friday, March 11th. Thank you in advance! The recording from yesterday’s webinar is here: Please note that anyone that wishes to view this recording must register. Here is a list of the questions/answers from yesterday’s webinar: Q: Do you want only these data points or the whole enrollment report? A: You will need to submit a complete enrollment file. Annualized enrollment data is based on data from the beginning of the year through March 16th. -- Q: Will this PPT be available after the presentation? A: Yes; please see: -- Q: If the deadline is 10am, are we really uploading on March 11? A: Monday, March 14th is the hard date deadline. We have set a cut-off time for 10am, at which point we will be locking the upload function. If you need more time, please contact the HelpDesk as soon as you can; however, we will not be able to open it for you after 3pm. The upload function will be re-enabled at the start of business on Thursday, March 17th. -- Q: If charter schools are conducting lotteries for next fall that will increase enrollment numbers, how will this be reflected? A: RIDE has projected charter school growth using information provided by the districts and the current composition of the charter schools. However, it is difficult to predict the results of random lotteries. Therefore, the actual lottery selections will be compared to the preliminary data used in calculations provided to the State Budget Office. RIDE intends to provide updated calculations using the March data to the General Assembly for their consideration. -- Q: Just to be triple clear: 1. We do not need to collect free and reduced price lunch eligibility for students we are lotterying in this week? Also 2. If our overall f/r lunch level is higher than sending districts, how will that be reflected? A: No. As indicated in the previous question, we will approximate the FRPL students using the percentage of students currently eligible for each community. We will use the charter school percentage by community rather than the community's FRPL ratio. Therefore, if your charter school receives a higher proportion of students eligible for FRPL than the sending community as a whole, the calculation for the charter school will reflect that. -- Q: 1. Is there a clear deadline for the charter lottery information? 2. We haven't been able to get revised free and reduced price lunch forms to be able to collect this new information for students who will be new following the lotteries. As you know typically this is collected in the Fall... A: We would like to finalize the March data collection by Friday, April 1st. Charter schools should provide a list of confirmed students by that point. Because we will not have free and reduced price lunch (FRPL) eligibility at this point, we will estimate FRPL by applying current charter school FRPL percentages by community. For example, charter school A enrolls students from three districts. The March 16, 2011 reflects the charter school has 50% FRPL students from district A, 75% FRPL from district B, and 85% from district C. Those same percentages will be applied to students selected in the lottery to estimate FRPL for the new students. Please let us know if you have any questions, or 222-8400. -Deanna