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1/20/2011  [RIDE] - Report name changes and Address Reminder  Deanna Raphael-State 
Good afternoon, This is to inform you that we have changed the names of six reports; calculations remain unchanged: 1-“ADM - District Calculated” is now “Total Membership - District Calculated” 2-“ADA - District Calculated” is now “Total Attendance - District Calculated” 3-“ADM - State Calculated” is now “Total Membership - State Calculated” 4-“ADA - State Calculated” is now “Total Attendance - State Calculated” 5-“Average Daily Membership” is now “ADM - State Calculated“ 6-“Average Daily Attendance” is now” ADA - State Calculated” In addition, updated addresses are due tomorrow, Friday the 21st, as requested by the Office of Student, Community and Academic Supports: -Deanna