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1/14/2011  Annual Reporting of District and School Title I 1003(g) School Improvement Grants Data  Derick Ariyam 
TO:Superintendents, Title I Directors, IT/Data Managers in Providence and Central Falls FROM: Jennifer Smith, Chief Transformation Officer DATE: January 14, 2011 SUBJECT: Annual Reporting of District and School Title I 1003(g) School Improvement Grants (SIG) Data I appreciate all the efforts you make to provide accurate and timely data to RIDE. This is particularly true when we begin reporting data about a newly established program, as is the case with data from the Title I 1003(g) School Improvement Grant (SIG) program. The data for this report is primarily reflective of the schools in your district that received school improvement grants from this program in 2009-2010 to implement RIDE approved School Reform Plans (SRPs). The information RIDE collects about these grants is important because it is used to measure student, teacher, school and district performance, to inform management, budget and policy decisions, and to comply with state and federal reporting mandates. To ensure the accuracy and timeliness of reporting this data, please designate this responsibility to the appropriate staff and offices to ensure that the School Improvement Grant (SIG) data is submitted for each school receiving a SIG grant. This will include ensuring data quality issues are addressed, giving the report a final review, and signing off on the data by January 26, 2011. Once you have designated responsibility for the collection of SIG data, please inform Mr. Rick Richards from my Office who that person(s) is. He can be reached at: The data you submit will include the following elements for schools receiving SIG grants: o Intervention used; o Number of minutes of increased learning time; o Types of increased learning time; and o Advanced coursework and dual enrollment classes. Detailed instructions for submitting this data can be found at the following address: . In addition, an appendix of the data elements collected can be found here: . Please forward this memo to the person responsible for the data collection. You will submit your district and school data through the RI Department of Education (RIDE)'s Information Services Portal Website ( Log in to eRIDE and click on the "School Improvement Grants" icon to begin the reporting process. If you do not see this icon please contact your local district data manager, or contact the RIDE helpdesk at, 222-8400. If you require additional information about the SIG reporting requirements, please do not hesitate to contact . If you encounter technical issues using the eRIDE system or accessing the SIG reporting module, please contact the eRIDE helpdesk,, 222-8400.