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1/11/2011  Annual School Health Report 2010-11  Derick Ariyam 
The 2010-2011 Annual School Health Report is now available on eRIDE. According to the RI Rules and Regulations for School Health Programs ( Section 2.5), all schools are required to submit this report annually via eRIDE to the Commissioner of Education and the Director of Health. The electronic report has been pre-populated with information from your district's last submission to assist you in completing the report. You may need input from members of your staff (e.g. facilities manager, chemical hygiene officer, school nurse, etc.) to respond to some of the questions. Please remember to use the electronic sign-off before submission. After submission of the completed report, an electronic response system will confirm that your report is complete or direct you to issues that will need to be addressed. Please be advised that the completed report with electronic sign-off is due by March 1, 2011. For additional questions, etc. contact: Jackie Ascrizzi at 222-8953 or;