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10/10/2003  Dept of Educ: submitting Oct membership and dropout records on eRIDE  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Our congratulations to the dozen districts who have successfully uploaded and submitted the student records on enrollment and dropout. Here are a few additional instructions on how to successfully upload and submit the data. 1. always check for duplicate LASID, your data submission will fail if duplicated IDs exist; 2. if your data submission does not go through or youo get the 'page can not be displayed' message, you need to delete the uploaded file, fix the errors and try again; 3. we find that formatting the field columns within Excel does not garranty the correct formatting, we therefore suggest IF you have formatting problems, you take the following actions before you upload it: save the records as a tab-delimited flat file, and then file/open the text file, follow the import wizard, import records from row #2, set the first 4 fields as text, set the DOB as date, rename the sheet to 'sheet1', save the document as an excel workbook (also see instructions sent to your in the last eRIDE message); 4. the dropouts should include all grades from 7th to 12th grade, please do not omit the 12th graders! Thanks for your patience and hard work!