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1/7/2011  [RIDE] - TCS Snapshot and Cohort Reminders  Deanna Raphael-State 
Good morning, This is a reminder that any data that you have uploaded for the new Teacher Course Student Snapshot module will be deleted at 3pm today. The module will be open for uploads on Monday, the 10th and closed on Friday, the 14th. This collection is applicable to districts that have grades 3 through 7. If you are not familiar with this new collection, please contact us immediately at or 222-8400. Every district MUST upload data on Monday and we will begin contacting districts that have not uploaded data on Tuesday. You will have the rest of the week to address any errors within your submission. Please review the Teacher-Course-Student Snapshot file specification document: Also, the TCS Snapshot FAQ document has been posted here: Thank you for your assistance with this important data collection. Feel free to reach out to Ana Karantonis, at, or 222-8940, if you have any program questions. Please contact the HelpDesk if you have any technical questions: or 222-8400. --- The Cohort Exit Data Review module, formerly Update Student Exits, has been released. RIDE has completed the preliminary analyses and calculations of cohort graduation and dropout rates. Districts are asked to pay close attention to cohort 2007 and cohort 2006 because both cohorts will be used to measure school performance on high-school graduation rates. Please follow the instructions posted on eRIDE, at Review, and submit any corrections by Monday, January 10. When you have completed your data submission, district superintendents must sign off on the cohort data and fax or e-mail the signed reports to RIDE by Friday, January 14. Please let us know if you have any questions, -Deanna 222-8400