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12/15/2010  [RIDE] - Report deadline is today  Deanna Raphael-State 
Good afternoon, The 09-10 dropouts, 09-10 graduates, 09-10 retentions, and 10-11 summer withdrawal reports must be signed and faxed/emailed to RIDE; the report signoff deadline is TODAY. If you have already signed off on these reports and have made updates since, you must go through the process again. Your request to change previous data collections that have been closed must be accompanied with a formal request, in the format of a "petition letter". The petition should come directly from your superintendent, addressed to Deputy Commissioner David Abbott, Center for Accountability and Quality Assurance; copied to: Ed Giroux, Director of ONIS; Ken Gu, Senior Data Systems Administrator; and the district IT/data manager. The petition should explain the circumstances that resulted in submission errors and a plan to assure data quality in future reporting. The Accountability and Quality Assurance office will review and respond to the request, but approval for the requested change is not always guaranteed. Please let us know if you have any questions, -Deanna 222-8400