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10/3/2003  RIDE - tips on submitting the Membership and dropout records  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
First, our thanks to district personnel who have been working hard on submitting the October membership and 02-03 dropout records, and contratulations to those who have already successfully submitted the data. We would like to share with you some of the best practices we learned from you which we hope will be helpful to those who are still in the process of preparing and submitting the data. 1. In naming the Excel document and spreadsheet, do not leave any spaces in the file name, do not use special characters like those above number keys on your keyboard; always name the sheet as 'sheet1'; 2. All fields are required, not just the first 4 fields; blank values are not allowed in the first 4 fields; blanks will be intepreted as missing. If for example you are uncertain of an individual student's LEP status, leave it blank; otherwise, it is either Y or N; 3. The first row of your Excel spreadsheet document should always contain the field names that match the field names in the record layout, including the ordering of the fields; 4. Always verify the total number of records submitted against what you have in your Excel documents; Until you see a date/time under submit/date, your submission is not complete; 5. Deleting the uploaded files will also delete the records you submitted or signed off, you only want to delete the uploaded files that are incorrect or outdated or no longer needed; 6. The number of records you are trying to submit also affects if your submission will be successful; split the records into multiple files and perform multiple uploads/submissions if necessary; 7. To avoid manual colum formatting of large number of records, follow the these simple steps: a. save the Excel document into a tab-delimited text file, click OK, Yes b. close file, c. file/open the newly created text file, import wizard comes up, d. set 'start import at row=2', click on next, e. click on next again, f. set the first 4 fields into text, the DOB field into date, etc. click on finish, g. insert or copy the field names into the first row, name the sheet to 'sheet1', h. file/save the new document as an Excel document with a different file name. If you keep having problems, please feel free to contact me (see contact information below).