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11/12/2010  Special Education Census Data collection - December 10  Charlene Gilman (State) 
Hi All. Here is the schedule for the Special Education census data collection. I have attached the new Race categories, the Early Childhood-Section 38 –Transition to Early Childhood at bottom of that form and the newest field on the Special Education census-the assurances of transition services (not mandatory this data collection, but will be next school year). I will send an email through eRIDE to all Data Managers as well. If you could forward this to your Data Manager, it would be better they receive duplicate emails then be left out of the loop. (Much appreciated!) Please use the information below to plan accordingly. SCHEDULE for the Special Education Census data collection: Friday, December 10, 2010 – by the end of the day- your special education census should be completed, all maintenance reports run and all errors corrected. (Please note: It is not necessary to address Maintenance Report 42 for this data collection. Students on Maintenance report 42-will not impede the Special Education census data collection process.) Monday, December 13, 2010 at 8 a.m. the Special Education Census data collection starts. Your Data Manager can download your Special Education census and upload it into the Special Education Submission Module. This will appear on the screen for your Data Manager to download your census: December 2010 File Downloads For Special Education Census Reporting (It will appear on the first screen, on the left side.) From Monday, December 13, 2010 until Wednesday, December 15, 2010 to complete the data submission process and resolve all of your errors. Please be considerate of others and address your errors as soon as possible. All districts must address all errors by the end of the day on December 15. Thursday, December 16, 2010 the Duplication process will begin and will continue until Friday, December 17th at 12:45 pm. All duplicates must be resolved and corrected prior to Friday, December 17th at 12:45 pm. Friday, December 17th at 1 pm the system will be taken offline and be unavailable for the remainder of the day. Monday, December 20th, the Special Education Census will be back up and running. Please plan accordingly, do not wait until the last minute to complete your census.. Below is a checklist that you may find helpful.. Checklist: __ Send out notification to your schools and staff to let them know that you need all pertinent information concerning new IEPs or revised IEPs. Specify the date that you will need this information to ensure you have amble time. __ Maintenance Report # 60 – Students 9 or Older Receiving Speech as a Special Education Service. Run this report immediately. (These are the students who are 9 years old and older and who are only receiving one service and that is speech. Speech is now considered a related service for this age group and a related service cannot stand alone on the census.) Provide this listing to your Director, these students need to be addressed immediately and the data fixed before the data collection. __ Maintenance Report # 61 – Students Missing New/Race Ethnicity data. The students on this listing are not reported in the New mandated Federal reporting race/ethnicity categories. All students on this listing must be addressed and their records updated prior to the Special Education Census data collection on December 10th. The census will allow you go into the system and Update the race/ethnicity only once, you cannot go in and change it again. Do the research, find out what their race/ethnicity should and update all students on this listing. PLEASE NOTE: RIDE matched all of your special education census records with your district’s October enrollment and updated your special education census records to match the race/ethnicity on your district’s enrollment. In most instances, there was a match and the special education census was updated. Maintenance report #61 are the students we could not match on your district’s enrollment. __ Maintenance Report # 62 – Students Missing Early Childhood Transition Data, this is a new requirement and is specific to those children who are 3 years old. This must be completed prior to the data collection. Print this listing out ASAP, so the information on these students can be obtained and the information updated on the census. __ Run All of your Maintenance Reports and make the necessary modifications to your census to address all errors. The Assurances of Transition Services attachment, is optional for this data collection, but will be required next school year. If you make any changes to your census after you have run your maintenance reports, you should run them again to ensure that your census is error free. After December 10, 2010 please do not add any new students to your census or update any students' records on your census unless you are addressing errors from your maintenance reports. Do not add or update any students' records (unless there is an error) until after the duplicate error resolution process is completed and we contact everyone to say the census is back up and running (Monday, December 20th). Thank you. Charlene