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9/7/2010  [RIDE] - Data Manager Meeting on 9/15  Deanna Raphael-State 
Dear Data Manager, Last week you were notified during the Collections Webinar and a follow-up email of the kick off Fall Data Collections meeting on September 15, 2010 from 2-4pm. This is an important face to face Fall data collection kick off meeting that you are all strongly encouraged to attend. We will be going over data collection requirements, including Teacher-Course-Student data and Personal Literacy Plan data for the 2010-11 school year. Registration is required: We appreciate all the efforts you have made -- and are making -- to provide accurate and timely data to RIDE. Student and staff information collected in the Fall are generally used to measure student, teacher, school and district performance, to inform management, budget and policy decisions and to comply to State and federal reporting mandates. Thank you, Ed Giroux Director of Network and Information Systems