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9/7/2010  [RIDE] - WebEx recap and meeting on 9/15  Deanna Raphael-State 
Good morning, Recap of this morning's WebEx: 1. Save the date - September 15th, 2-4pm, Data Managers Meeting focusing on the teacher data requirements. Please register for this meeting here: 2. Please contact us if you are interested in eRIDE training; for new staff or those who want a refresher course. As a reminder, we will be holding our WebEx QA sessions on a weekly basis on the following dates: - Thursday, September 16th - 2:00pm - Tuesday, September 21st - 9:30am - Thursday, September 30th - 2:00pm - Tuesday, October 5th - 9:30am - Thursday, October 14th - 2:00pm - Tuesday, October 19th - 9:30am - Thursday, October 28th - 2:00pm -Deanna 222-8400