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8/27/2010  [RIDE] - New WebEx dates and WebEx Recap  Deanna Raphael-State 
Good afternoon, We will be starting to hold our WebEx QA sessions on a weekly basis starting on September 7th, 2010. The schedule will be as follows: - Tuesday, September 7th – 9:30am - Thursday, September 16th – 2:00pm - Tuesday, September 21st – 9:30am - Thursday, September 30th – 2:00pm - Tuesday, October 5th – 9:30am - Thursday, October 14th – 2:00pm - Tuesday, October 19th – 9:30am - Thursday, October 28th – 2:00pm Recap of yesterday’s WebEx: 1. Signed reports were due on 8/20 – quite a few districts have not sent theirs in yet; these must be sent in ASAP. If you uploaded new data during the week we had reopened the 09-10 census and did not send new reports in, please do so ASAP. 2. Some districts have not uploaded their EOY data…must contact us with the reason 3. October enrollment will be due around the second week in October 4. At-home instructed, June graduating class, and non-certified staff reports will be due around the second week in November 5. Dropout and graduate reporting through the completion of summer withdrawal updates will be due around the end of November/beginning of December 6. Save the date – September 15th, 2-4pm, Data Managers Meeting focusing on the teacher data requirements 7. Please contact us if you are interested in eRIDE training; for new staff or those who want a refresher course -Deanna