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8/12/2010  [RIDE] - eDC - IMPORTANT  Deanna Raphael-State 
Good afternoon, again. Please see the following message from our Nutrition office: This is a reminder that Direct Certification data submission is due Friday, August 13th. It’s critical that RIDE receives your enrollment data; a number of programs benefiting your students and district depend on this process. The Direct Certification process increases students’ access to school meals, by streamlining the eligibility process. It reduces the paperwork burden for families and schools while increasing the number of students eligible for free school meals. In addition many funding decisions are connected to free and reduced-price eligibility such as: • The new state education funding formula, • Outside school hour programs, • The Summer Food Service Program, • Distribution/eligibility of other Federal and State funding, • e-Rate Program (reduced utilities cost for schools), • Interest free loans for schools (based on the Federal Tax Payers Relief Act of 1997), and • Reduction in student loans for teachers who teach in high poverty school districts to name a few. Thanks for your continued efforts in increasing our student’s access to much needed services. Becky K. Bessette, MS, RD Administrator, Child Nutrition Programs RI Department of Education 6th floor 255 Westminster Street Providence, RI 02903 401-222-4253 fax 401-222-6163